According to one study, menu lists can contain 185,000 germs per centimeter. Relatively, a well-maintained public toilet has about 1,000 germs per square centimeter.

The battle is unequal but the solution to the digitization of menus and catalogs is the future that will abolish printed catalogs.

A solution more economical and infinitely more environmentally friendly.

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Two Dots - Digital


The benefits of digital cataloging are not only summarized in security but especially in easy creation and responsible design.

All your customers have a smartphone, this means that they have your menu with them, at any point and time to recommend it to a friend or to plan their next visit.

Digitization is an immediate, flexible, smart solution that helps to promote your business in the digital world that we all follow.


We design exclusively for you according to the philosophy, needs and concept that you want to shape, so that the aesthetic result looks and is exclusively yours.

We do not use ready-made and impersonal menu forms but we create a powerful tool for your connection to social media and the internet world that we are all connected to.

We want you to understand that you are already in the digital world and the opportunities that open up for the promotion and growth of your business are greater than ever.

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We respect our visitors and customers and give them the opportunity to communicate with us in their language.

Let's start

Two Dots - Number 1

Once we meet and tell us a few things about you and your business, we will set the main axes and times of our cooperation.

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You give us whatever material you have and in any form to be included in the design. If you do not have one we can create for you.

Two Dots - Number 3

We start the creation which is divided into three phases. Design, design approval and implementation of the page. We estimate the duration of the whole process will be from 10 to 20 working days.

Two Dots - Number 4

Upon completion of your catalog, you will receive the unique QR code and your own website that hosts the menu. You will be able to print your QR and share the website link the way you want.

We accept cash payments upon delivery of your QRs.

The price includes twenty copies of your QR.

The package is valid for 365 days and includes changes to your list. The price of 399 € concerns the first year and includes the design, creation and hosting of your menu page.
The cost of maintenance and changes for the following years is 199 € / year.

If you already know us you can proceed with the purchase of the package.


Frequent questions

What is a QR code?

The QR code is a two-dimensional barcode created in the 60’s in Japan to serve mainly product labeling as the classic barcode had information volume limitations. The main difference is that the Barcode contains only horizontal information while the QR Barcode contains horizontal and vertical information.

What form should the list I send be?

Whatever format the directory you are currently using can be converted to digital. The ideal, however, is to send us the menu in PDF or the link if there is your menu anywhere posted.

How long does it take to prepare my list?

The usual processing and formatting time of the directory is 5 working days. This time is differentiated according to the requirements and after consultation.

How do I get in touch with you?

We usually communicate with our interested customers via email (

What payment methods do you accept?

Transactions from credit-debit cards or via Paypal are not yet available. We are paid once our project is completed and you have received all your material.

Can I change the contents of my catalog?

The Menu and Link we create are at your disposal and we are here to train you to make the changes you want if you do not want us to do it for you.

If I do not like the result?

We want all our customers to be happy. From the beginning we decide together the form and style of the Menu and we make the necessary changes so that the result satisfies you.

Where can I use my QR?

The QR code can be printed and placed in various parts of the store, on tables, in the Bar, on surfaces as a sticker or posted online.

Helpful tips

For our part, we check every QR we make before we send it to you. Usually, the process does not work because the mobile trying to scan the QR has a problem with its camera or the mobile trying to scan the QR does not have internet access. Many older mobile models (over 4 years old) do not have a built-in scan feature on their camera. In this case the user needs to download one of the many free applications for QR scanning that are in the app-store.

Glossy surfaces and lamination often lead to scanning difficulties and should be avoided.

Low light often leads to scanning difficulties. It depends on the camera of each mobile.