GALAXIES Vol II: wonders of the winter night skies


We’re Two Dots — problem solvers, storytellers, artists, conceptual thinkers, and those who enjoy a damn good joke. We take pride in providing beautifully designed, well thought out and animated content to the masses; helping you connect your content to the right look’n‑balls.

Lets work together and bring your project to life and give it the razzle dazzle it deserves. We don’t take ourselves too seriously — just the work we do.

Take care and remember… SCROLL SLOW, HOMIE!


The start of a project is where we spend a lot of time on discovery and understanding the client’s objectives.

Once we have established a watertight brief and clear understanding of direction, we open up into the imagination phase, where we explode out the possibilities and opportunities to realise the intended objective.


We build and develop a concept in the broadest of terms, before refining the details of it, readying it for use.


Each company defines success by its own standards. Therefore, to make a project successful, there is no golden rule or set process. It takes communication, understanding and experience. Your goal becomes our goal and success for you becomes success for us.

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